I’ve forgotten my password. GolfWhiler 4 years ago. Placing additional mass by way of Turbulators approximately. So what he was playing was nothing like what is sold off the rack. Like most guys I like hitting my driver. G30 , but all other variables shaft, grip, and swingweight were constant. RpTucker 4 years ago.

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You just look No USGA list, no use in competition.

One of the obstacles that absolutely every club designer struggles with is that a golf club head, particularly a driver head, is simply not aerodynamic by design. I’ve forgotten my password. Thanks fellas for the advice.

Golfers will choose based on ego, taste, and ability. I would think a true spy would have snapped a photo months ago. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve adjustijg game.

I suggest the USGA allow ball makers to do whatever they want to make balls fly farther. Please log in to reply.


Ping G30 fairway wood loft adjustment chart?

Picking up on Thursday. Bob 4 years ago. With understated hype, Ping delivers innovation and quality.

If I can get a white tie 59 gram shaft I will never look for another driver. At least come out with a new driver that will carry further then the previous one. Cleveland CBX 50, 54, 3g0 Putter: After hitting theCobra, R15 adjusitng Callaways overwhelming amount to hit, the G30 beat them all by a lot with the exception of the D which was not far behind.

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Pat 4 years ago. Ping blue is played out. I hooked quite a few. Equipment and balls should fall into two categories; USGA events and anything goes. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. After several other drivers, i decided to try the G30 to see if it was as easy to hit as advertised.

DL 4 years ago.

Ping G30 fairway wood loft adjustment chart? – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Effectively what the Turbulators do is reduce the wake produced by the clubhead, which actually reduces the drag coefficient. The idea is to offer a club that offers significant slice correction without any attaching any stigma to the club.


Were you looking for something more than that? Good luck keeping it on the grid.

PING’s G30 Drivers – All the Details

I will try the reg. Posted 08 April – I felt like neutral was closed and opening it barely got to neutral. It would be interesting if Ping had an data to prove they do work during the entirety of the golf swing where the club head alters its position. Ping G20 cut to Is it tip-trimmed when installed in the fairway woods? It is long but I need the regular driver. Unfortunately for the everyday crowd, the guys who saw the biggest gains 2 or more MPH were guys who already generate between and MPH of clubhead speed.