This involves selecting the SATA controller entry ies? It should then boot and install the discs then ask for another reboot. Topic settings Print view. Do some reading about ‘textmode drivers’. Thanks for having delivered the requested informations. With the best regards, Rfsapiens. Fernando My current System:

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You may want to install the Intel RST package the normal way now to get all software from it.

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Disconnect all your drives. However, it was still not present at boot and resulted in BSOD. If you choose the wrong one you may find yourself unable to boot and having to reinstall your image like I did Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam.

Do some reading about ‘textmode drivers’.

I also tried to slipstream all of my previous mentioned drivers and the behaviour was the same: Several files will be extracted at that folder. At this point you have to decide, which AMD Controller s support you want to get installed by clicking onto the suitable Controller s.


Integration of AMD / ATI SB7XX textmode RAID / AHCI drivers on an XP – nLite – MSFN

After the second driver install, Windows does not ask for a reboot. Let nLite create the ISO file. Also I have to mention Bob which quickly posted this link as a comment my apologies Bob, yes it worked. Windows is loaded again and this time everything should be ready. There’s no need to be so antagonistic. The generic AHCI driver can be enabled with two quick, tedtmode registry modifications.

Need Help with AMD SB710 AHCI Drivers for WinXP

Link With the best regards, Rfsapiens. Preparations This is what you will need: Here is the way how to do it: Read his short description and do as it says.

However, you want to add the driver to an existing installation. I have an Ivy Bridge Auci motherboard. If you added the correct drivers to your install CD XP Setup will recognize your HDDs If they don’t show up you’ve done something wrong, either included the wrong drivers most likely or made some other mistake.

I have 2 questions: Don’t make or burn iso with nLite. Posted July 31, Please enter a reason for warning.


The first step is to determine the manufacturer of your storage controller, or at least motherboard chipset. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If such a method exists, will my current settings and applications remain unchanged?

Due to the modification these drivers have lost their WHQL certification. So what should I do? Already have an account?

Would you be able to do it? If you install XP on a system with W7 already installed, XP “may” destroy your w7 boot entry so i have read online, i have never done this. You are right – the user cannot boot anymore into Win7 after having installed Windows XP, because the Win7 boot sector entries will be overwritten by the older XP Setup.

Although I’m not sure, it might improve performance.