Citrix supports both local and network printer types. Be sure to back up the registry before you edit it. Citrix Workspace, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops have extensive support for these scenarios by leveraging underlying graphics hardware capabilities along with HDX technologies for crisp, detailed images, smooth video and clear text. Applicable Products XenApp 6. This compression results in a significant decrease in the quality of the sound but allows reasonable performance for a low-bandwidth connection.

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It then optimizes Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops delivery across multiple user sessions by locally caching and de-duplicating transmission of commonly accessed data, including bitmap graphics, files, print jobs and streamed hcx.

The parameters can be tuned all the way up to lossless compression that enables delivery of pixel-perfect images for applications such as medical imaging. With Windows Receiver Native touch features include: Control how buttons are used on the mobile device; use local user interface controls instead of Windows controls Autosense display size and re-factor apps to use available resolution and horizontal layout on a tablet or smaller mobile device screen Integrate device functions such as telephone, SMS, GPS and camera with Windows app workflows Accelerating printing and scanning Citrix supports both local and network printer types.

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The result is a great user experience and higher user density on the host server. Rendering can occur on either the endpoint device or hosting server.

Use Registry Editor at your own risk. HDX technologies optimize USB traffic over common wide area network audko to ensure real-time feedback and full-feature support. Open a Case Online.


Depending hdc the workload, up to users may benefit from accelerated business graphics delivered from a single server. With both audio playback and recording, total bandwidth consumption is 22 Cirrix at maximum. Display optimization HDX Adaptive Transport ensures that all functions within user sessions perform well, including citriz — even as network characteristics change.

Following are examples of programmable mobility enhancements: Ensuring the highest quality of service and reliability HDX technologies ensure the highest quality of service and vitrix through a combination of ICA traffic prioritization, branch office caching and ICA protocol optimizations. Originally designed for high-end 3D professional graphics, the technology is now available to optimize the performance of business graphics apps that leverage GPU acceleration, such as web browsers and Microsoft Office apps.

De-duplication of network traffic reduces the aggregate data sent between client and server by taking advantage of repeated patterns in commonly accessed data such as bitmap graphics, documents, print jobs and streamed media. Admins can leverage the Citrix Universal Print Drivers and Citrix Universal Print Server for simplicity and stability along with native printer functionality. For more cost-effective deployments, provision many users to share a GPU to view and edit 3D models depending on the workflows and demands.

Citrix HDX Audio instead of natvice device – XenDesktop 7.x – Discussions

Both server and client GPU hardware sudio leveraged where available for stunning visuals that also conserve resources. Adaptive compression is a core intellectual property of the ICA protocol which allows rich multimedia displays to be delivered on thin network connections. These files will get automatically loaded into your GPO. We are making it easier to experience Citrix solutions. Bandwidth is consumed only while audio is recording or playing.


Citrix Audio Driver not Displayed under Audio Tab in ICA Session

These templates may be customized as required and applied to sessions using a variety of policy filters. Medium – optimized for speech for most LAN-based connections. Change group policy setting from Not Configured to Enabledand click Apply.

Citrix Workspace, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops have extensive support for these uadio by leveraging underlying graphics hardware capabilities along with HDX technologies hcx crisp, detailed images, smooth video and clear text.

Server-side settings for audio quality take precedence over client side settings. Virtual desktop traffic can be segmented into: Sounds sent to the client are compressed up to 16 Kbps. With Citrix HDX technologies, your users get the best possible audip experience — across all virtualized apps and desktops. Multimedia redirection has a huge impact on reducing CPU utilization of the host servers allowing more users to be supported per server for greater scalability.

HDX provides seamless plug-and-play connectivity for a broad range of devices such as webcams, music players, audio recorders and specialty peripherals. Article Connectivity, Performance 0 found this helpful Created: Adaptive protocol acceleration performs intelligent acceleration of ICA traffic while sensing and responding to network and traffic conditions.