With high performance and affordable price, CUS is considered to be a competitive Ethernet switching solution for enterprise networks. Using UV resistive plastic and stainless steel for mounting pieces has greatly improved the working life of this antenna. CICW supports both wired and Ad-hoc Versus Infrastructure Mode Simple Installation with the help of the simple Setup Wizard. Using UV resistive plastic material and stainless steel in mounting pieces, has greatly improved durability and reliability of the antenna. This wireless PCI card supports speeds of up to 54 Mbps and is also compatible with all

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Cnet CWP Manuals

Simply attach a network device to any port and the port will automatically set to operate at the fastest possible speed. Figure The Panel Being an all-in-one device, the router supports print, webcam, samba and FTP server functions.

Using this antenna saves hardware investment costs and enhances the wireless network coverage area to about two times the current dipole antennas. To facilitate outdoor installations and performance, the antenna has options for Wall or Pipe mounts as well as the capability to adjust the down tilt or up tilt angle. Whether for home, business, a public facility or just for fun, CICW can send high resolution live video through the Internet cwf anywhere in the cwwd.

And for cbet versatility, it is also capable of inter-operating with all the Wireless-B products found in homes, businesses, and public wireless networks around the country.


CWC has both License Agreement vista Up to meters open space. With multiple antennas transmitting and receiving, CWE not only provides more stability and longer ranges but can also reach speeds of up to Mbps.

CNet CWD-854 Manuals

With multiple antennas transmitting and receiving, CWX not only provides more stability and longer ranges but can also reach speeds of up to Mbps. Table Profile In cwf, each port is equipped with a built-in Auto-Negotiation function capable of automatically setting itself to operate at the fastest possible speed-ranging from 10Mbps to Mbps! The interface of this antenna is designed as an N jack high precision connector to get better performance.

These antennas are to be used with wireless broadband routers and access points and are designed to increase the effective strength and enhance receive sensitivity of outgoing signals. Figure Utility – Advanced Figure Wireless Zero Configuration: Figure Add Profile: The antenna increases the effective strength as well as the receive sensitivity of the outgoing signals.

Access The Configuration Utility In addition the port-mirroring feature allows network administrators to monitor traffic and diagnose possible problems on the network. The camera supports two-way audio, excellent video quality with x VGA resolutions at up to 30 frames per second and has its own built-in web server accessible by most browsers.


With powerful ACL L2-L7 filtering auto-detection and restraining of broadcast storms and IGMP snooping support, the switch prevents network flooding allowing bandwidth to be used by essential network applications. Click Finish To Complete vista Built-in web server for monitoring via standard browsers. Figure Utility – Link Status 8544h advanced wireless security, support for QoS and drivers support for major operating systems, CWE is an ideal wireless solution for any laptop computer.

The router comes with a built-in firewall feature for protecting LAN nodes against intruders. CBD complies with Bluetooth standard 2.

CNet CWD-854 Drivers

Table Configuration Using UV resistive plastic material plus die cast and stainless steel mounting materials adds to durability and reliability of this antenna. The CNSH offers a user friendly design with all status LEDs conveniently located on the front panel and Ethernet ports placed along the back panel. To enhance outdoor installation and performance, the antenna has wall mount and pipe mount options as well as the capability to adjust the down tilt or up tilt angle.

Figure 18 Infrastructure Mode The new WLAN mobile router is compact, lightweight and offers swappable power plugs for different countries.