At a glance TG Rating 3. Cobra claim the L5V has the largest club face in golf which provides maximum COR across the face and results in am extremely high level of forgiveness. This is a good choice, especially as it is an adjustable driver — golfers can choose a more draw-biased setting if they so wish. L5V Driver is a winner! This Driver is very forgiving. The MOI is around so it’s pretty forgiving on miss-hits.

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The Cobra L5V has been scientifically engineered to produce drives that are generally seen in Adam Sandler comedies. I like the ability to set it for a fade or Draw. The MOI is around k5v it’s pretty forgiving on miss-hits. The tool also allows you to change the face from open to square. I started out using a Cobra driver regular flex 8 years and know need stiff to keep my flight as straight as possible.

The Cobra L5V is an excellent addition to the premium driver market and the performance combined with great looks certainly justifies the investment required.

The unique covra point of this particular offering from Cobra is the much coveted interchangeable shaft technology with two installation positions.

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The adjustability of this driver is a helpful added feature, but I have found leaving it at zero square works best for me. This can also be because the head is cc. The L5V has a two piece hosel that screws apart and allows you to change your shaft and adjust your face angle easily.


Cobra L4V Driver Review. I have found that the bold claims which Cobra make completely untrue in my case. I am a 10 handicap cobar with a swing speed over mph so I needed a stff shaft with a driver head that covra last.

Know I live in Arizona and can play every day weather permitting. The shots that rocket off the L5V are some of the longest, straightest, and most incredible drives in the game today, and all of this comes on one of the most forgiving clubs in golf.

Cobra L5V Driver Review

Pretty large sweet area. Cobra claim the L5V has lv5 largest club face in golf which provides maximum COR across the face and results in am extremely high level of forgiveness.

These clubs are very similar tp the Speed LD. The Cobra L5V Driver has been engineered to produce drives that are longer and straighter than ever, the multi-material Cobra L5V driver not only possesses the largest and most forgiving club face in golf, it also features Cobra’s new Adjustable Flight Technology.

A final factor which I love about this club is the stylish head cover, it is magnetic, and unusually protects the shaft as well as head from damage. On first glance the Cobra L5V is a staggering product, which comes with a bold colour scheme and is obviously drenched with the latest of golfing technologies. We have great golf here almost all year long but when the wind blows a high trajectory launch is not desireable. If the sound really bothers you, there’s a weight plug in the back that you can remov e and then fill with a few ripped up cotton balls.


This is a great club for me!

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The Cobra L5V is available in three different shaft configurations which will help best optimise your ball speed depending on how fast you swing the club. Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted covra and will be included on the page once approved. There are drivers and then there are drivers. Unfortunately as all serious golfers know the sound of the shot is as important as the feel and I must say this is the worse sounding golf club I have ever tried out.

Packed with an extremely high launch angle and an even higher moment of inertia, the Cobra L5V is a gem amongst mere basalt.

If you like the noise at impact then we would certainly recommend that you get one in your bag. Standard 0 and L5f Draw-Bias 1.

Cobra L5V Driver Review – Golfalot

With just four simple steps the user can adjust their ball flight settings to whatever suits their desires and individual requirements for a particular hole.

The system was clear and easy to use and is definitely more user friendly than other adjustable drivers on the market.

I have been utterly unimpressed by the driver.