Many of the download links on their site are broken. What is interesting about this message is that it demonstrates an example of the Pico software actually finding the PCI cards, yet showing a text message overlay. The developers have even adjusted their pricing to make the software affordable to everyone. If the problem persisted, please contact your dealer. If a clean Windows install is not practical, it is recommended that you uninstall all previous capture card drivers. It is unclear what the other versions being offered were for specifically.

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It should be noted that some owners of the Devil’s version have reported success using Dico software 104q version 4. Bulk prices will be shown in the shopping cart.

No Dico version is available from the web site that supports more than 4 cameras, despite rumors on some cctv forums. This is referred to as the fragile greed registration system, because, if the system crashes or hardware requires replacing, the key you purchased and paid for becomes invalid. People’s Review Sort Revlews By: Rvr key is married to the system itself. In conclusion, the security key not found error is actually an indicator of the failure of the hacker to resolve all areas of the software copy protection mechanism.

AOP-104A controller (DVR karta / motherboard) for Video Surveillance

This version of Pico does not require a key for activation. Since they have already paid, they deserve every chance to get their configuration working.


Share your thoughts with other customers here. If the problem persisted, please contact your dealer.

If a clean Windows install is not practical, it is recommended 104q you uninstall all previous capture card drivers.

See the Pico Production Version 1. It has also been reported that disabling the onboard Intel NIC may not resolve the problem.

As a general rule it is not recommended to purchase software with such strong anti-copy protection, that your own system crashing dvf cause you to lose your registration rights even though you have paid for the software.

These may be bootleg versions and there is no support available for them. You purchase the closest motherboard to what you had. Create a virtual instance of Windows and then install Pico on the virtual instance.

Dvr a Driver Download – archive-gang

Personal tools Create account Log in. 14a some systems, it may not be possible to get the software to work at all. Thus, a household closed monitoring system is presented.

Also, if during bootup your system hangs for 5 minutes or more at “Setting clock utc “: Yes these drivers are located on the pico disk. Since the hardware was also cloned by the Chinese hackers, and resulted in wide global distribution, the vendor has allowed Pico to function on the cloned cards with their latest commercial release.

It is believed that it is the unauthorized chinese modifications to the beta Pico, their portion of code specifically, that is not compatible with all PCI card configurations, and the original Pico software code is. This is due to PCI slot unstability during first time hardware installation.


What it often translates to is “Can’t find the PCI card. Insert the card into one of the empty PCI slots, just as how you would install a sound card.

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Many of the download links on their site are broken. This Devil’s version of Pico, or “Peaqe” commonly bundled with the Pico Conexant Fusion card has certain defects, which make it unstable in some situations.

Wireless Digital 4CH Security Camera System Online Shopping|

However, these cards will work under linux, with different software. Retrieved from ” http: Looking for more wholesale prices, wholesale Inquiry.

Your computer should recognize the new harddware, then choose installing the driver from CD. The most common scenario is that your motherboard dies, and even though you cloned the system with something like Norton Ghost, you find that your motherboard is no longer manufactured. It is believed that this version of Pico, referred to as the Devil’s Fvr, was originally a beta version that leaked into the wild.