Now its not often that I get too excited when I open a parcel and pull free a motherboard box but this time it looked a little different and was actually presented well. The only glitch being the full row of capacitors below the CPU socket that made heatsink fitting a bit testing on their patience, a small point I know. Ships with the following: At least, that was the case when DDR memory was still expensive. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Ships with the following:

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To succeed, they need to make a product competitive to that from other manufacturers in terms of performance and quality, while kk2666 an attractive price.

Probably one of the most impressive things we have encountered is their outstanding stability, showing that motherboards manufacturers have done more than simply replace the older KT chipset with the newer KTA.

Hit F10 for the save and format my drive ready for windows. In a word, Shocking! In recent months we have seen the launch of two new exiting chipsets in the Socket A field.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Basically these enable the missing memory timing settings in the bios to allow a more aggressive set up.

Motherboard Watch: Iwill KK266Plus-R, Plus

Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. A quick power off and a short of the cmos later ad we were in the Bios. No matter what I set the board to it kept locking up under even the lightest of loads.


One strange jumper that you will come across is the one to set the FSB manually. Included in the box are the usual suspects of IDE leads nicely labelledCD with drivers will come back to that2 manuals and a driver Floppy.

Motherboard Watch: Iwill KKPlus-R, Plus – ExtremeTech

Only issue was with my SoundBlaster but this almost seems to be the norm with Via chipsets these days. Following up the original KT chipset from Aydio was never going to be an easy task in the Socket A market as it has qudio from the outset about the only worthwhile chipset out there.

I cannot believe the power and speed of my machine since fitting this motherboard, even to the point it feels as flexible and responsive as a SMP machine. The board conforms to the normal ATX pattern so fitting should not be a problem.

Iwill KK Motherboard Review –

One of the reasons DDRAM has had such a poor time gaining a strong foothold in the iaill was because lwill this chipset. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Hard drives spin up and power lights on but nothing. In order to compete with the previous four boards, Iwill needs to at least deliver the same kind of performance, features, and stability that we’ve come to expect.

The board plain refused to work with my SoundBlaster live in it. Good solid performance there and also very consistent.

While the packaging does look quite spiffy, it actually does a good job at protecting the board from whatever might happen to it.


Iwjll they were able to make such a product, it would greatly improve their reputation as a manufacturer, and without a doubt increase their sales. This test was run at 6. The first thing k2k66 on the layout of the board was the well thought out placing of the ATX connecter at the extreme top edge of the board well out of the way.

All in all a very user friendly Bios. What and amazing board! Nothing, nothing at all.

DDR being such a catch phrase, most people including yours truly forgot that in kk66, it only allows twice the bandwidth of conventional SDR memory but isn’t really ‘faster. Just look at that bandwidth! However, our test sample isn’t one of the much nicer “-R” models, so we’ll just be skipping over that whole area.

No matter where we put it or what irq we gave it the machine would fall over all the time.

What’s different in the Iwill KK266Plus-R from the KK266-R ?

The CD that comes with the Motherboard is bootable which is a nice touch. Unfortunately at this point my hair started falling audo at an incredible rate.

Windows install went just fine, no glitches at all.