You touch two target areas on the sensor. Obtain a 7-pin Molex connector C with a 0. Ppds[ b] R Lets you adjust the communication parameters parity, data bits, and stop bits of the controller. Identifies the touch controller on your system. For each command it receives, the controller sends a response to the host on the signal Transmit Data TXD line also as a serial data stream. Always 0 b0 — b3:

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This command requests that the controller check for sensor failures such as broken corners, broken wires, etc. The following descriptions of microtpuch, response, and terminator, use 3M Touch Systems terminal emulator key sequences.

The firmware commands, which are usually issued by a driver or utility program on the host system, control the operation of fxcalibur touch controller, however developers can enter these commands directly. The command, which always follows the header, consists of ASCII uppercase letters and numbers only printable characters.

User is responsible for determining whether the 3M Touch Systems, Inc.

3M MicroTouch Controller EX Serial |

No Response Indicates that you did not touch the target long enough to provide an accurate jicrotouch point. As a result, product specifications may be subject to change without notification. Use Format Tablet for standard sensor operation.

Each controller provides superior performance and delivers excellent stability, sensitivity, accuracy, and fast response.


Dynamic Temperature Change Maintains All 3M Touch Systems documentation is available from the corporate website at www.


The CX command will interfere with the auto orientation algorithm.

To optimize the performance of the touch controller and simplify the development of custom drivers, 3M Touch Systems recommends you use the commands listed in Table 5 for current development. Metal or plastic screws can be used on the 2×3 board if the green ground wire is used.

Dispose of components in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

The host system must first communicate with the controller using a matched set of parameters. Table 12 lists the factory defaults for the EX serial micrtouch.

It also includes a complete description of the firmware commands and controller specifications. Controller excaliburr end-of-life EOL in late It is possible to set the parameters to values that prevent future communication with the controller. Communicating with the Controller This section provides information on sending firmware commands to the controller and interpreting the responses that the controller returns.

Datasheet or block diagram for ASIC Microtouch

The string contains the controller model number and current firmware revision number. With the controller in Format Tablet mode, touching the sensor causes the controller to return a response in the following format: Table 1 describes the pins for this cable, which connects to a serial communication COM excalkbur on the PC.

Developers can use firmware commands to initialize the controller, select operating modes, specify data formats, and execute diagnostic functions. Be sure to follow solvent manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when using any solvents. In Format Tablet, the controller sends 5 bytes per point and provides the most rapid response time to a micortouch.


The controller outputs 0 to 64K on both axes independent of display screen resolution. Each bit can be set to 1 or 0, where: Cable shield connected to excailbur DC power jack ground Chassis earth ground.

MicroTouch Systems Touchscreen Controller | eBay

Table 4 describes the pins on this connector. The controller-mounting hole near the sensor connector should be used to connect to chassis safety ground and must be attached by the shortest possible route to a good earth return chassis in all applications. This chapter lists each command as a string of ASCII control characters and printable characters consisting of a header, the command, and a terminator as follows: The Calibrate Extended command sets the calibration targets points inward from the corner of the video image.

The Format Tablet command returns a negative response if the controller is in 7-bit format. Using a Custom Serial Cable Design When creating a custom serial cable connection, you can provide power to the controller through the mating Molex connector: