The Shaft Lock mechanism is a unique mini brass compression ring clamp that allows the user to lock the shaft without deflecting the drawtube. Both controllers have a remote temp probe so customers can use temp compensation operation in there ASCOM programs. The result is below. MoonLite Reset all filter settings. Please consider the High res stepper motor with Mini V2 controller option. For this initial focus step I like to use a bright star, mag 2 or brighter. The focuser comes standard with our large 1.

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The inline unit can be rolled with the slightest touch for very fine vocuser movements and has an auto brake when focus is stopped. The new Slip Clutch provides customers to ability to choose between manual or automated motorized operation of the focuser.

Shipping costs Moonlite extra long drawtube for 2. Periodically you should clean the rollers with a soft cotton bud to keep the unit perfect. The High Res stepper motor option-stand alone configuration MoonLite sells fcuser High Res stepper motor Stand alone option no controller for customers that may all ready have a controller and do not need an additional one.

Shipping costs Newsletter Blog. For motor operation of the focuser, tighten the silver knurled ring. Lunt 1 Refractors 6.

Moonlite 2″ Crayford Newtonian focuser – 1:8 – with Shaft-Lock

The Moonlites fittings didn’t quite match perfectly to the holes left behind by the Sky-Watcher unit which required me to file two of the holes out to a slightly larger size. The different size interface adapters are designed to allow the focuser to bolt on to a variety of refractor models simply using the moonllte bolt pattern.


Meade Meopta Binoculars and Spo. By using our shop you agree to the use of cookies. One issue that I have had is the star is too weak or off frame. Adapter Barr and Stroud Berlebach.

Teleskop-Express: Moonlite 2″ Crayford Newtonian focuser – – with Shaft-Lock

Shopping cart is empty. Installation in most cases is just a matter of unbolting the original focuser and bolting on the new unit. For example, the entire checkout process from the shopping basket to the order cannot be carried out without cookies. Mini V2 and DRO dual port display controller specs: Monday to Friday What are you looking for? focusre

Moonlite Focuser Review

There are 2 different styles, Large format install kits for bolt patterns around the 3. This shop uses cookies that are necessary for its correct function and, if necessary, also uses cookies from third party providers.

After several more jogs and images, I came real close to focus at steps: Here is what we recommend as a starting point: Popular Categories 10×42 Roof prism glasses 8×42 Roof prism glasses 8×32 Roof prism glasses 7×50 Porro prism glasses 8×56 Porro prism glasses Monocular with Zoom function with Image stabilizer Binocular accessories.

The drawtube pressure can be adjusted to each user’s preference. It is a non PC operated motor option and is recommended for both visual and imaging when a computer is not required.


This will be your min and max focus range that your original focuser provided. I’d recommend that if your going to buy one of these you take some advice about what to buy as Moonlite do a bewildering range of options. Use the Jog feature in FM to send your drawtube inward. With a mag 4 star centered and roughly in focus, focsuer just about ready to run our first V-curve. This shop uses cookies that are necessary for its correct function and, if focusef, also uses cookies from third party providers.

Optional Motor Focus

A really wonderful piece of craftsmanship which works as good as it looks. The unit has collimation screws to adjust the focusers angle to the tube if required and as an option a focus lock can be supplied.

No damage will be done if the focuser motor continues to run past the mechanical stops of the drawtubes travel. It is important to consider focuser parameters when replacing your existing focuser with a low profile, Crayford model. This will prevent you from exceeding the outward travel of the drawtube.